Platinum DSP-55 Loop Detector

Platinum DSP-55 Loop Detector
Diablo Vehicle Loop Detector, 10 to 30AC/DC Input

Platinum DSP-55 Loop Detector

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Platinum Loop Detector Model DSP-55

The DSP-55 is a compact vehicle detector that will operate on any voltage from 8 to 35 volts DC. The low voltage range is ideal for solar applications. The DSP-55 can be connected to a standard inductive loop or one of Diablo Controls Free Exit Probes. The Diablo Controls Free Exit Probe is a small “pipe shaped” device approximately 4-1/2” by 1” and is designed to be buried in the ground to detect vehicles.

The DSP-55 can be used as either a safety loop or free exit probe detector. It should not be used as a safety loop if used with a Free Exit Probe. It also has the flexibility to be either “fail-safe” or “fail-secure”. The DSP-55 has three solid-state FET outputs called A, B and -B outputs. The two B outputs are “normal” and “inverted”. These combinations of outputs allow for the DSP-55 to be easily interfaced to a wide variety of control boards. The DSP-55 has 10 selectable sensitivity settings and uses a 10-position DIP switch to configure the detector. This includes delay or extension timing functions and pulse on entry or pulse on exit features. This makes the DSP-55 very flexible and versatile for those installations that need a little more than a standard detector.

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