Warranty Processing

Our Warranty Processing Package is provided at the time of purchase only. It allows you to process your warranty repair needs via PSS Store’s distribution channels. Instead of being at the mercy of a local installers, you will be able to process warranty on your own via our company.

Why do I need this service?

Maybe not need but definitely want. If you decline to purchase this optional service, you will need to handle any warranty claims on your own and since most manufacturers do not want to deal with the public they’ll send you to a local installer. These installers will charge you more than the warranty cost just to visit your home and many times they’ll refuse to handle it as they’re not obligated to. At the end of the day, you’re purchasing peace of mind and in the event you need to use it, you’ll save a bunch.

What’s covered under the warranty processing package?

If the manufacturer covers it - you're covered. You'll be eligible for Unlimited claims with the manufacturer during the term of the package that you've purchased bought.

How long does it take to receive the part back from repair?

The sooner you get the part to us the faster we can get it to the manufacturer, the quicker things will move. However, manufacturers take 1-3 weeks on average to process repairs (counting from the moment they receive the defective item). As eager as we are to expedite this process, it is beyond our control so please hang in there as it’s being processed.

Can I send the entire gate opener back to you for replacement or repair?

Unfortunately not. We do not accept whole operators back under any scenario . You are only allowed to send faulty parts in or on your operator eg. circuit board, motor, gearbox etc.

Can I get a new part from you now, and have you take the repaired part from the manufacturer later and call it even?

Unfortunately we cannot provide new parts from our stock as replacement for yours. Why? Because our stock has stand-alone parts with their own serial numbers that are not showing up in the system as belonging to a specific gate opener (as your repaired part will). And since we sell only new parts, we cannot replenish our inventory with repaired parts and sell to the public as new. Secondly, not all claims are covered so you’ll have to wait for the results of the manufacturer’s testing to be completed. If you’re in a hurry, your only alternative is to buy the new part and have the repaired part be as a backup for future breakdowns but we cannot “front” you the part, pending a repair, no.

I received a ticket number, why do I need to wait so long?

Receiving a ticket or reference number does not entitle you to a new part automatically, it merely entitles you to a “test” by the manufacturer. Should the manufacturer deem that the part is indeed faulty and is under warranty, no problem, they will repair it or send a new one to us. If they determined that it is not covered under their warranty you will be need to purchase a new replacement part.

Do you cover shipping?

No, shipping is never covered by us. We will transfer the defective part we receive from you to the manufacturer and back to us at no cost but the shipping to and from your address is your responsibility regardless of circumstances.

How do I process a repair?

  1. Call the manufacturer to troubleshoot the problem you’re experiencing and receiver a ticket or reference. Make sure to get the name of the person you spoke to and the part number that he/she believe is faulty
  2. Fill out this form: warranty-processing-form and return to us via email at sales@pssstore.net
  3. We will reply to you with the information you need to send your part for repair
  4. Box and ship to us only the faulty part
  5. When we receive your item, we immediately turn it over to the manufacturer along with your paperwork
  6. We await their decision
  7. If the part is covered under warranty we will receive it back in our warehouse to ship to you, using a prepaid shipping label that you’ll provide. Should it not be covered, we will provide you with proof that it’s not and ship it to you with your prepaid label (or discard the part if you choose to). Lastly, if they part is deemed to work properly, we will notify you and ship it back to you using a prepaid shipping label that you’ll provide.

What if my repair is not covered and I waited three weeks?

Unfortunately, as we mentioned above, we do not have a say in the warranty process as we’re not the manufacturer and only act on your behalf in good faith. If this occurs you may purchase a replacement part from us at its full price.

Is this service refundable - can I cancel at anytime?

Sorry but this service cannot be cancelled or refunded whether used or unused at anytime.


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