Liftmaster STAR1000 Access Control Radio Receiver 2.0

Liftmaster Radio Receiver - Liftmaster STAR1000 Access Control Radio Receiver 2.0


SKU: liftmaster-star1000

The LiftMaster® STAR1000 Receiver with Security+ 2.0™


STAR1000 represents the next generation of LiftMaster radio access controls that delivers 2x the range and greater transmitter capacity. The STAR1000 allows the management of multiple access points, like gate and parking application remote control needs. Its individual and bulk programming process simplifies the coding of large quantities of remote controls. 9" antenna included.

Security+ 2.0™ technology provides 2X the range of standard remote controls
1000 remote capacity to support large quantity remote control requirements

Power: 9-30 VAC and 9-34 VDC

Compatible with LiftMaster Security+ 2.0™ remote controls and Passport remote controls, and Remote Antenna Mounting Kit (model 86LM)

Remotes for this receiver: 811LM, 813LM, 891LM 892LT, 893LM, 893MAX, 894LT, 895MAX, 890MAX, and all Passport remote.

Also works with wirless keypads: 877LM and 877MAX

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