Liftmaster CP3 Exit Probe

Liftmaster CP3 Exit Probe



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LiftMaster CP3 Exit Probe

  • Low power accessory: lowest stand-by current available on the market
  • Ideal for solar or battery backup gate operators by minimizing current draw
  • Single piece design
  • Covers a 12 ft. wide driveway (probe on side of drive) or 24 ft. wide driveway (probe on center of drive)
  • Power requirements: 6-31VAC or 10-40VDC
  • Stand-by current: 150 microamps
  • Detect current: 25-30 mA
  • Relay contact: SPDT: floating, NO or NC Form C
  • Sensitivity: automatic
  • Cable lead length: 100 ft.
  • Manufactured by Preferred Technologies Group

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