EMX NIR Retro Reflective Photoeye (Non-UL)

EMX NIR Retro Reflective Photoeye (Non-UL)



EMX NIR Retroreflective Photoeye (non-UL)

NIR retroreflective photoeye sensor provides entrapment protection for commercial overhead doors, gates and parking barriers. With its flexible voltages, compact design and LED indicators, this photoeye is easy to use.

The NIR is supplied with mounting brackets and hardware for simple installation.


  • Flexible voltage: 12 – 240 VDC, 24 – 240 VAC
  • Watertight package for reliable outdoor installation
  • Operating range: 30 feet
  • Lead wire: 6 feet
  • 2 LED indicators
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Compact size: 2.5″ high, 1.5″ deep, 0.75″ wide


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