Eagle EG520 Solar Panel

Eagle EG520 - A 20 Watt Solar Panel


SKU: eg520

Eagle EG520 - A 20 Watt Solar Panel

Installing an Eagle Solar Panel is a great energy and cost saving option. State of the art firmware manages power consumption so that smaller solar panels can be used. A built in voltage regulator and battery charger provides an easy “plug n play” solar panel connection. Each solar panel includes a mounting bracket and 15 feet of lead wire that will connect directly to the Diamond-DC control board

  • A single 20 watt solar panel by Eagle
  • Harness included
  • Dimensions: 21 3/4” x 25”
  • Output power: 40 W(+/- 5%)
  • Max Current: 1.25 A(+/- 5%)

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