Diablo DSP-40S Plug-in Loop Detector


SKU: diablo-dsp-40s

Diablo DSP-40S Plug-in Loop DetectorAt last a plug-in detector which will operate on any voltage from 10 to
30 Volts AC or DC. The DSP-40S detector is covered by United States
patent number US 7,132,959 “Non-Interfering Vehicle Detection”. These
detectors are virtually cross-talk free in most applications. This
detector has been specifically designed to handle parking, drivethrough
and access control applications where solid-state outputs are required
for both the “Detect” and the “Fail” outputs.Power - 10 to 30 Volts AC or DC (20 mA max).Loop Failure - The green power indicator flashes
slowly if the loop circuit is open and quickly if the loop circuit
is shorted. This detector will output a “Detect” for either of these
loop failed conditions.Outputs - Solid-state (open transistor collectors)
for both “Detect” and “Fail” outputs. 30 mA maximum current sink
- transient voltage protected.Connector -10 position Molex Type 09-48-1104 Mates
with many female PCB 0.156” pitch headers in use by some access control
devices and gate operators.
1 - Loop input2 - Loop input3 - Power* (10 to 30 Volts AC or DC)4 - No Connection5 - No Connection6 - Fail output -connects to common for fail.7 - Fail output -connects to common for fail.8 - Detect output -connects to common for detect.9 - Power* (10 to 30 Volts AC or DC)10 - Power Common
*Either, or both of these pins can be used to supply power to the detector.
Operating Temperature -35°F to 165°F (-37°C to 74°C)
Size - Height: 2.4" Width: 0.8" Depth: 2.25”

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