Reno AX3 Series Loop Detector 120VAC (harness required)

Reno AX3 loop detector


SKU: reno-ax3

Reno AX3 Series Loop Detector 120VAC

(Harness Required, see Reno Harness)

Reno loop detectors are known to be the best in the industry for accuracy and longevity. Pick Reno loop detectors for peace of mind.

  • Single Relay output
  • Pulse-on-Entry
  • Pulse-on-Exit
  • Four levels of sensitivity.
  • Sensitivity Boost for applications where high-bed
  • vehicles might be encountered.
  • Fail LED indicates current loop failures or loop failures that have occurred.
  • Four loop frequencies.
  • 11-pin connector is necessary
  • 2.50” High x 1.55” Wide x 3.50” Deep

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