Reno AX3 Series Loop Detector 120VAC (harness required)


SKU: reno-ax3

Reno AX3 Series Loop Detector 120VAC (Harness Required, see Reno Harness)

Single Relay output:
• Limited Presence.
• True Presence™.
• Pulse-on-Entry.
• Pulse-on-Exit.
Delay Output for two seconds.
Four levels of sensitivity.
Sensitivity Boost for applications where high-bed
vehicles might be encountered.
Detect Memory feature maintains detection during
momentary power interruptions of up to two
Fail LED indicates current loop failures or loop
failures that have occurred.
Four loop frequencies.

11-pin Amphenol connector
Fail-Safe or Fail-Secure versions available
3.00" High x 1.75" Wide x 4.30" Deep

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