Viking Q7 NX UL Next Generation Slide Gate Opener


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Viking Q7 NX UL Next Generation Slide Gate Opener

The Viking Q7 Gate Operator is built from heavy duty commercial gates that weigh up to 7,000 pounds, and are as long as 120 feet.  This operator can be connected to 115 or 230 Volt AC power source, and it also has battery back up that will last up to 100 cycles.  The Viking Q7 Gate Opener is a great fit for any commercial, industrial, or high security location.  This slide gate opener also comes with a 5 year commercial warranty that cover manufacturer defaults.  If you have any questions on the Viking Q7 Slide Gate Opener please use our live chat feature or give us a call 800 676 4909.  


5 year commercial warranty, UL 325 and 991 listing
Fine tune adjustment for end of gate travel (down to 1/8”)
Adaptive algorithm with smooth acceleration and deceleration
More than 1/2 kilowatt of power 120/220 VAC single phase power source
Built in battery backup (100 cycles)
On-board lightning protection
Access to limit switches
Equipped with mechanical manual release


Operational Voltage ... 24 DC with 2HP Motor
Main Power Source Options ...115 / 230 AC
Single Phase Battery .. 35 AmpHr 12 VDC x 2
Max Gate Capacity ... 7000 lbs / 120'
Operating Speed ... 14" per second
Battery Backup ... 100 Full Continuous Duty Cycles (4000 lbs)
Maximum Duty Cycle ... 100% Continuous Cycle
Operating Temperature ... - 20˚ F to + 160˚ F

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