Viking K2s UL Solar Powered Slide Gate Opener


SKU: viking-k2sul

Viking K2s UL Solar Powered Slide Gate Opener

The K-2s UL is a master piece of technology, highlighting strength and efficiency; a combination achieved for the first time in the world, ONLY by Viking Access Systems. Its power management makes a statement by performing up to 100 cycles per day on a 10W solar panel. Such a statement has been verified by experts, resulting in the K-2s as the only solar slide gate operator in the world with a verified number of cycles per day by UL. Extraordinary design, remarkable performance, strength and reliability define the Viking K-2s solar gate operator, making this unit the most desirable choice for solar applications.

Maximum Gate Length ..... 30 ft

Maximum Gate Weight ........ 700 lb.

Operating Temperature .... -4°F (-20°C) to 160°F (71°C)

Power Requirements ........ Solar 12VDC

Output Voltage for Controls ...... 24VDC

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