Viking H10 NX Next Generation Slide Gate Opener


SKU: viking-h10-nx

Viking H10 NX Next Generation Slide Gate Opener
Some of the standard features include: 7 year residential and 5 year commercial warranty, UL 325 and 991 listing, innovative fine tune adjustment for the end of gate travel (down to 1/8”), back drivable unit featuring direct drive mechanism, soft-start and soft-stop with adaptive learn algorithm, easy accessed switch for manual operation, 120/220 VAC single phase power source, a built in three push button station, a built in battery backup capable of 100 cycles in case of power failure, on-board lightning protection, and easy access to limit switches.

Operational Voltage … 24 VDC with 1 HP Equivalent Motor
Main Power Source … 120 / 220 VAC Single Phase
Battery … 7 AmpHr 12 VDC x 2
Max Gate Capacity … 2000 lbs /45'
Max Operating Speed … 12" per second
Battery Backup … 100 Full Cycles (1000 lbs. / 20’ gate)
Maximum Duty Cycle … 100% Continuous Cycle
Operating Temperature … - 4° F to + 158° F

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