Viking VA Konnect Dual Operator


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Viking Konnect Dual Operator 

Gate operator master/slave installation is easier than ever with the new Viking Blue. This plug and play, wireless communication system has a range of up to 100 feet.The Viking Blue also offers a simple diagnostic system. These wireless diagnostics not only allow remote operation of timer adjustment, obstruction sensor and fine tune settings but also run pre-programed self diagnostics and technical data transmission to Viking support centers nationwide.

Imagine a gate operator that can speak to you and verbally indicate various parameters or operations. A gate operator that not only speaks to you but also listens and executes your verbal commands. Imagine installation with no more communication wires or trenching. Or that is no longer necessary to remove the operator’s cover when troubleshooting because it can be done at a convenient location in the vicinity. Imagine that troubleshooting remotely is possible by an authorized technician anywhere in the world. 

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