Seco Larm SL-126-A24Q/B Blue Strobe Light

Seco Larm SL-126-A24Q/B Blue Strobe Light

Seco Larm

SKU: SL-126-A24Q/B

Seco Larm SL-126-A24Q/B

Blue Lens

For "informative" general signaling requirements
Incorrect polarity cannot damage circuit or draw current
Easy 2-wire installation, regardless of voltage. Also, if the strobe light is being powered by a battery, as the battery is drained the strobe light will continue to function
Low current consumption with long operating lifespan of over 300 continuous hours(2,000,000 flashes)
Lens is made of high-impact resistant acrylic, case of high-impact resistant ABS plastic
The SECO-LARM strobe light comes with a protective inner cover. This protects the high-voltage xenon tube when the colored lens has been removed
Use in temperature ranging from -22ºF (-30ºC) to 140ºF (60ºC)
SL-126-A24Q -- For 6- to 24-Volt use

6~24 VDC (2-wire connection) Strobe Light. “U”-Type Xenon tube. 100,000 Candlepower, over 100 flashes/min, 150mA current draw at 24VDC.

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