Seco-Larm Enforcer SA-027HQ 365 Day Digital Timer

Seco Larm

SKU: seco-larm-sa-027hq

Seco-Larm Enforcer SA-027HQ 365 Day Digital TimerTwo N.O. or N.C. Form C relays
10A@120VAC / 28VDC.
Each relay can be programmed
for 50 events, for a total of 100 individual programmable events.
Events can be set weekly,
daily, or hourly, over the course of an entire year.
Manual operation of relays
without event programming.
One egress input per relay (2
Block programming allows events
to be repeated.
First-person-in function
interrupts the timer's normal operation.
Event outputs can be programmed
disable, ON, OFF, shunt, or momentary (1~99 seconds).
10 Programmable holidays.
Password-protected programming.
Tandem mode allows both relays
to operate simultaneously.
EEPROM Memory for data protection
in case of power failure.
Built-in clock backup battery.
Built-in backup battery charger 
for external backup battery use.
Compensates for leap years.
Can be set for Standard or
Daylight Saving Time.

Alphanumeric backlit LCD
display for easy programming

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