Ramset 50 GB Residential Slide Gate Opener


SKU: ramset-50gb

The Ramset 50GB is a Residential Slide Gate Opener. It can handle a maximum of 30 cycles an hour, and it used a 120 VAC power source. The maximum gate capacity is 20 ft long, or 700 lbs. The Ramset 50GB will open at a speed 12” per second. Ramset offers a 10 year residential warranty for the Ramset 50GB gate operator. This Operator comes with -

The Ramset 50GB Operator-20 feet of size #41 chain. -Brackets for Instalation Due to the new UL325 Safety laws you will need to add a monitored safety device for this operator to function if you would like to remotley open your gate, you will need to add a radio receiver and remote controls. 

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