Nice Apollo 836 *** Obsolete, See Replacement in Description***


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Nice Apollo 836 Control Circuit Board for dual system *** Obsolete, See Replacement in Description!!!CLICK HERE FOR REPLACEMENT Nice Apollo 836 Control Circuit Board, 1st Generation control board for double swing and slide gate operators

Auto Reverse Sensitivity, Auto Reverse Sensitivity–Adjustable, Auto Reverse Sensitivity–Self-Adjusting, Auto Close Delay–Adjustable, Dual Gate Delay–Adjustable
12V Fuse Protected Power Outputs For: Radio Receivers, Keypads, Misc. Options, Emergency Bypass

Peripheral Inputs: Free Exit, Safety Loop, Shadow Loop, Fire box, Monitor Lights, Lock, Siren, Strobe, Edge, 3-Button Station, Telephone Entry, Photoeyes, Timer to Close, Timer to Close Option, Slave Disable, 3-Button Station Enable, Adjustable Lock Type, Coast Enable, Free Exit Option, Learn Mode, Intelligent Actuator Enable, Micro processor, Soft Start, Soft Stop, Computer Connection, Gatelink Software Option, Delay for Siren

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