Loop Sealant Gray

Gray loop sealant by BD loops sold and photographed by pss store

BD Loop

SKU: LoopGoop-gray

Loop Sealant Gray (Single Tube)

  • Sealant formulated for driveway loops 
  • Large canister
  • Single tube included

BD Loop Goop is a tough and durable polyurethane resin sealant designed to encapsulate, protect and insulate inductance loops for door, gate, and parking applications. Effectively seals out moisture and provides exceptional chemical resistance to de-icing salts, antifreeze, gasoline, motor oil, hydraulic brake fluid and other hydrocarbons. BD Loop Goop remains strong, flexible and resilient in cold weather. It provides superior adhesion to wires and saw cuts in concrete and asphalt. Application does not require mixing or heating. Permits vehicular traffic immediately after application (see BDLoops.com for installation tips) with no need for lane closure. DOT APPROVED by most States.

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