Liftmaster PPV3 Passport 3 Button Remote Control 2.0


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Liftmaster PPV3 Passport 3 Button Remote Control 2.0

Passport technology is an evolutionary step in the creation of a simpler, more effective method of managing the entrances within a gated community or commercial environment. Until now, property managers have had to manage transmitters for the main gate, transmitters for the private residences, and even transmitters for parking entrances. This is cumbersome and costly. With our Passport technology, residential and commercial property management is now simplified by an innovative single-transmitter solution.

***Works with Liftmaster-PPWR Passport Radio Receiver***  Also works with Liftmaster 850LM, 860LM, STAR1000, and Security+ 2.0 Gate Operators


The integration abilities of the Passport technology enable it to work with LiftMaster® Security+ 2.0™ products, Sentex® telephone entry and access control systems, as well as 3rd-party access systems supporting 26-bit formats. They can be used for the following:
Community gates access
Garage doors access
Private gates and drives
Access Control
Fixed facility codes

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