HySecurity StrongArmPark DCS 14 Solar Parking Barrier Arm Operator

HySecurity Barrier Gate Opener - HySecurity  StrongArmPark DC 10 Parking Barrier Arm Operator


SKU: StrongArmPark Solar DCS 14

HySecurity StrongArmPark Solar DCS 14 Parking Barrier Arm

**Arms & solar panesl sold separately**

Operate energy efficient StrongArmPark DCS 14 with a 24VDC solar panel.† The voltage regulator is inherent to the Smart DC controller. Installation is as simple as connecting two wires. The HySecurity designed intelligent three stage charging system monitors battery condition to maximize battery life. Counterbalance spring allows for cycling arms greater than 10 ft up to 14 ft.


  • Standard aluminum arm bracket ships with operator. See "StrongArmPark DC Options & Accessories" for available arm configurations.
  • 40W minimum 24VDC solar panel (or two 12V - 20W panels wired in series), not included but required for solar operation.


Duty Cycle Continuous (The actual number of arm cycles available from battery depends on arm length/weight, battery size, state of charge and health, ambient temperature, accessory power draw and frequency of arm cycles during power outage)
Arm Speed 3 speeds: 2.5/3/3.5 seconds. Field adjustable
Arm Length 10, 12, and 14 ft (3, 3.7 and 4.3 m) standard lengths
Arm Designs Aluminum oval arm with bumper, lights, HyProtect™ breakaway arm bracket & kill switch (standard). Optional articulating aluminum arm with HyProtect™ breakaway arm bracket & kill switch; 7 ft clear/8 ft extended (2.1 m/2.4 m); 8 ft clear/10 ft extended (2.4 m/3 m); 9 ft clear/10 ft extended (2.7 m/3 m). Lights optional.
Full Open Angle Arm full open angle: Adjustable 90º ± 10º
Handing Left handing standard. Right handing available.
Drive Type Electromechanical
UPS Battery Backup Cycles Two 12V, 8Ah batteries. Operates for thousand plus cycles after AC power loss.* Field configurable to fail open or secure when batteries deplete.
Input Voltage 24VDC solar panels - 40W min. panel (Solar panels sold separately)
Accessory Power 12VDC and 24VDC 1A each
Temperature Rating -13º to 158º F (-25º to 70º C)
Communication USB, RS-232, RS-485; Ethernet/fiber using optional HyNet™ Gateway accessory
User Controls Smart DC Controller with 70+ configurable settings. 32 character LCD display and 5 tact buttons or a PC using S.T.A.R.T. software.
Relays One configurable user relay: 250VAC, 10A electromechanical. Optional Hy8Relay™ for 8 additional relay outputs
App Class Usage Class I, II, III, IV
Finish Type Zinc plated with powder coating
Cycle Tested 2 million cycles


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