FAAC 750 Single Hydraulic Gate Opener

FAAC 750 Single Gate Opener


SKU: faac750-single

FAAC 750 Single Gate Opener

Accessories not included! Needs a photoeye to function
  • Maximum gate size: 8ft
  • Maximum gate weight: 1,700 lbs.

Package includes

  • 1 750 CBAC Pump Motor Assembly with enclosure
  • 1 750 100° Drive Unit
  • 1 455D with 14 x 16 in. fiberglass enclosure
  • 1 Foundation plate
  • 1 Flex hose connector kit
  • 1 Flexible hydraulic hose

The Model 750 hydraulic swing gate operator is designed specifically for underground installation in residential applications. Because of It’s power and invisibility, the 750 is ideal for large, ornamental gates.Hydraulic swing gate operators are inherently safer than other types of operators because they have fewer “pinch points.” In addition, the FAAC 750 operator is equipped with a hydraulic bypass valve for extra entrapment protection and a manual release that allows you to operate your gate if there is a power failure.  A battery back-up unit is also available.The 750 hydraulic system can hydraulically lock your gate in the opened and/or closed positions.  Your gate system can also be set up to provide special options including “gate-safe” or “gate-secure” configurations:• Gate-safe: during power outages, a magnetic lock releases a closed gate to permit emergency access.• Gate-secure: during power outages, an electric lock keeps a closed gate locked.The 750 allows your gate to open to the inside or to the outside.  The versatile FAAC control panel allows for six operating modes including garage-door-like operation and a new HOLD OPEN function.NOTE: To guarantee the safety and efficiency of its equipment, FAAC strongly recommends that qualified personnel test the safety system on an annual basis, as well as maintain the overall hydraulic or mechanical system


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