EMX DTEK 110V Loop Detector

EMX DTEK 110V Loop Detector



EMX DTEK 110V Loop Detector

Needs harness.

Be advised that the new replacement model is the MVP Multi-voltage .

EMX have designed the new D-TEK Vehicle Loop Detector with the following objectives in mind:

  1. Allow for easy installation into small operator housings.
  2. All the controls must be accessible from the outside for easy installation and operation.
  3. Detector must operate reliably with marginal loops.
  4. Provide all the features and controls necessary for a variety of applications.
  5. Use metal housing for maximum durability and RF blocking.
  6. Provide maximum surge protection on all inputs and outputs of the detector.

Indicators & Controls

  • Power Indicator Green LED solid light indicates power
  • Loop Failure Indicator Green LED blinks indicates loop problem In fail secure mode relay 2 will indicate loop fail
  • Loop Failure Memory Green LED blinks with fast consecutive blinks indicates past loop problem that healed
  • Detect Indicator Red LED solid light indicates detection
  • Extend Indicator Red LED blinks after a car left the loop indicates time extend feature

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