Elite Dial Code DCLC Telephone Entry System with150 Memory ****(OBSOLETE)****


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***Elite Dial Code DCLC Telephone Entry System with150 Memory (Obsolete not available) Please call 800-676-4909 for information on a proper phone system for your application.The Dial Code LC and VF telephone entry/access control systems offer the latest technology for safe, convenient access in buildings with 25 to 1,000 tenants.

The bright, easy-to-read, 2-line screen includes a built-in resident directory for guests. Visitors can call and speak to any resident by simply entering the tenant's 3-digit personalized code. The tenant may then grant access by pressing a number on their telephone or deny access by simply hanging up.

Loaded with several standard and exclusive features, both Dial Code™ systems provide expandability to 31 remote locations, audio "help" assistance for guests and a patented "double box" design for easier installation and programming.

2-line large LCD or super-bright VF display
Two slots for memory cards
High-quality digital communication system with active noise filtering
History buffer up to 8,000 transactions
60 programmable utility keycodes per system
Field upgradable memory capacity
Programmable "unlisted resident" feature
6-digit resident keycode access
3-digit resident dialing
System mutes speaker during dialing
Touch-tone and rotary dial detection
User-friendly local programming via built-in keyboard
Two independent 7-day timers per relay ouput
Postal lock ready
3-year warranty

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