DoorKing 2000-080 Power Inverter & Backup Systems OBSOLETE


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Doorking 2000-080 Power Inverter & Backup Systems OBSOLETE

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DoorKing Inverter Power BackupDon’t let your automatic gate shut you out in the event that your primary power source fails. With the emergency power backup system from DoorKing, you’ll be able to keep your vehicular gate and access control system operable at those times when you need it most.

This power backup system converts DC battery power to AC power to allow your gate operator, access control systems, loop detectors, reversing devices, emergency vehicle access devices and more to continue functioning until you can reconnect the main power supply.This model uses 120v of AC power to keep all components of your access control system running.

Designed to power up to six gate operators and related control accessories, this backup power generator for gate systems is a great comprehensive power source in times of unexpected outages. Model 2000 requires two 12v, 100AH deep cycle batteries, which are not included.

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