DoorKing 1506-081 Secondary Keypad

DoorKing 1506-081 Secondary Keypad


SKU: 1506-081

The DoorKing 1506-081 Secondary Keypad

The DoorKing 1506-081 Secondary Keypad works with 1506 Entry Keypads

The DKS 1500 keypads provides access control for virtually any application where digital code entry is desired and they are available for stand-alone applications or for connection to an access controller. These vandal resistant keypads use stainless steel faceplates, galvanized steel sub-plates and are housed in a rugged steel cabinet.


  • Ideal for controlling doors or gates.
  • Add or delete individual codes from the keypad (1506).
  • Add or delete individual codes from an Android Smartphone using the DKS App (1515 only).
  • "Hold" codes to latch open a door or gate.
  • EEPROM Memory.
  • LED Lighting.
  • Lighted keypad.


  • Stores up to 1000 4-digit entry codes.
  • Six 5-digit entry codes.
  • Two Form C dry contact relays.
  • Time zone inputs.
  • Secondary keypad capability.
  • Operates on 16 volt AC power.
  • Dimensions: 6.25"H x 5.25"W x 4.375"D.
  • Dimensions Flush Mount: 8.375"H x 7.125"W x 4"D.

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