Diablo DSP-13P-75 Tri-Axis Detection with detector and 75 foot sensor


SKU: diablo-dml-13P-75

The DSP-13 Tri-Axis Detection (TRIADTM) System is designed to be an accurate, reliable, and easy to install detection system. The system is comprised of two parts, a master unit (DSP-13M) and a sensor (DSP-13S). The DSP-13M (Master) is installed in the control box. It requires a 10 pin connection. Up to two sensors can be connected to a single master. The advanced sensor’s small size and high sensitivity make it ideally suited to vehicle detection applications. The detection area of the DSP-13 ranges from a 3' x 3' to 15' x 15'; based upon the Sensitivity setting on the front panel.The TRIAD system can be installed using a single saw cut. The sensor is potted in epoxy to provide durability and small enough that it can be placed right in the saw cut. Using a three axis sensor eliminates any concerns about the orientation of the sensor during installation.The TRIAD system is capable of holding vehicle detection for an indefinite period of time. It can even remember vehicle detections through power outages. Even if a vehicle parks in the detection zone while power is removed, when power is restored the detector will sense that there is now a vehicle in the detection zone. This gives you an extra level of safety not available with other detection systems.

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