EMX NIR-50 Retro Reflective Photoeye (Non-UL)

EMX NIR-50 Retro Reflective Photoeye


SKU: nir-50

EMX NIR-50 Retroreflective Photoeye (non-UL)

The NIR-50 is an extended range, retroreflective photoeye that provides entrapment protection for overhead doors, gates and barriers. This retroreflective photoeye sensor offers flexible voltages, a compact design and LED indicators, making the NIR-50 an easy-to-install system.

The NIR-50 comes equipped with mounting brackets and hardware for simple installation. This retroreflective photoeye offers an operating range of up to 50 feet and a lead wire of up to 6 feet.


    • Flexible voltage: 12 – 240 VDC, 24 – 240 VAC
    • Watertight package for reliable outdoor installation
    • Operating range: 50 feet
    • Lead wire: 6 feet
    • 2 LED indicators
    • Sensitivity adjustment
    • Compact size: 2.5″ high, 1.5″ deep, 0.75″ wide


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