Diablo DSP-40S Plug-in Loop Detector

Diablo DSP-40S plug in loop detector. Picture by PSS Store


SKU: dsp-40s

Diablo DSP-40S Plug-in Loop Detector

At last a plug-in detector which will operate on any voltage from 10 to 30 Volts AC or DC. The DSP-40S detector is covered by United States patent number US 7,132,959 “Non-Interfering Vehicle Detection”. These detectors are virtually cross-talk free in most applications.

The DSP-40s model detector has been specifically designed to handle parking, drive through and access control applications where solid-state outputs are required for both the “Detect” and the “Fail” outputs.

When the loop fails the green power indicator flashes slowly if the loop circuit is open and quickly if the loop circuit is shorted. This detector will output a “Detect” for either of these loop failed conditions. Outputs - Solid-state (open transistor collectors) for both “Detect” and “Fail” outputs. 30 mA maximum current sink - transient voltage protected. Connector -10 position Molex Type 09-48-1104 Mates with many female PCB 0.156” pitch headers in use by some access control devices and gate operators.

  • Operating Temperature -35°F to 165°F (-37°C to 74°C)
  • Size - Height: 2.4" Width: 0.8" Depth: 2.25”

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