Doorking 1815-510 Wireless Package for 1812 Systems


SKU: doorking-1815-510

1815-510 Wireless Package for 1812 Systems

Ideal for single family homes, the DKS wireless adapter reaches up to 1000 feet – no wires, no trenching. Complete Plug-and-Play functionality. DKS Wireless Kits work with all 1812 models, just connect the router and phone to the wireless adapter, connect to power... and you're ready to go!

Wireless Voice - Use your telephone to answer and grant/deny access to guests and visitors at a front door or gate.
Wireless Data - Connect to your computer for full programming and access controls/tracking.

Wireless Video - Place a camera anywhere around the door/gate, and view activity from your computer, smart device, or ip addressable television.
Connect to a 2-line phone system, or to a separate cordless phone set.
Full duplex - talk simultaneously.

The call button from the 1812 will ring the phone, and the homeowner can speak with the visitor and grant/deny access from the handset
1812 Classic and PLUS - Wireless full-duplex voice communication only. No computer programming on these models.

1812 AccessPLUS - Wireless full-duplex voice communication
and connects to your home computer network for programming.

KITS FOR MULTIPLE 1812 PHONE SYSTEMS ARE AVAILABLE PLEASE CALL 800-676-4909 for pricing and details

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